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Student workshops
Besides field trips, workshops are a useful way to develop social awareness, team building and personal growth. Our workshops can be customized to last 2 to 3 days and will consist of 4 sessions of 1 hour each, comprising "Brain-storming", sessions of interactive learning, role play, "Brain teasers", etc...., dealing with issues such as "Educating the whole person", "Never stop learning", "Beyond the Dots" and more. Workshops are conducted by skilled facilitors and can be tailored to your unique needs.
Staff workshops
Staff effectiveness and mutual cooperation can be increased and new perspectives generated through Our workshops, which can be customized to last 2, 3 or 5 days. There will be 3 sessions per day, each lasting 2 hours. These workshops will include issues such as "The Philosophy of CAS", "Good Practice", "Team Work", "Thinking outside the Box", "We are the Role Models" and more. Workshops are conducted by experienced educators and can be customised to your specific requirements.
Student Benefits
Student on Pack n Go Educational Tourism guided field trips have an excellent learning experience while fulfilling CAS requirements. Reports and journals written by students can be used in school magazines and other educational material. Students can hold workshops for others to pass on their actual hands on experiences in a meaningful way. Students interact with compassionate professionals, leaders and decision makers as they begin to understand that they can "learn" from those they "help".

Excursion Destinations